Edgware & Kingsbury vs Hilltop

Match Report

Combined Counties League Premier Division North 2023/24


Edgware & Kingsbury
1 - 6
Final Score

Match Report

A picture-perfect scene unfolded at Silver Jubilee Park Stadium as Hilltop FC clashed with Edgware & Kingsbury FC on Tuesday evening. This blockbuster game was filled with high fan turnout, great team spirit, incredible weather and immense community engagement. Having been humbled on this ground last year, Hilltop FC was determined to rewrite history in a match that had all the ingredients for an unforgettable encounter.

As the sun beautifully set over North West Jubilee Park Silver, players stepped onto the grounds with a sense of enthusiasm, fueled by the realisation and familiarity that this pitch was in their own backyard. The immaculate stadium and enthusiastic fans set the stage for a game that promised to be a spectacle. With the memory of last week’s game against Chalfont St Peter AFC still fresh, the Hilltop FC boys were determined to deliver a performance that would make amends.

From the onset, the match exhibited the determination that had been brewing within Hilltop FC. Within 30 seconds, an opportunity presented itself, signifying the attacking intent of the Hilltop FC boys. At two minutes, a beautifully orchestrated build-up resulted in a goal by Mohamad Ali. Scoreboard now 1-0. The stadium erupted with the cheers of ecstatic fans, experiencing an early-season goal for the first time.

Despite their skill, a player from Edgware & Kingsbury FC displayed remarkable skill as they expertly manoeuvred around two defenders, sending a precise pass across the pitch. Unfortunately, the ball deflected off a Hilltop FC player and ended up in the net, resulting in an own goal. The score was now equalised at 1-1

The Hilltop FC players began to feel the pressure as Edgware & Kingsbury FC’s belief grew. However, the team’s determination never wavered. As Edgware & Kingsbury FC’s squad began to gain confidence and contemplate a comeback, a sense of unease started to creep into the Hilltop FC players. Despite this, Hilltop FC demonstrated unwavering determination and continued to give their all on the field. Their perseverance paid off just 10 minutes later, in the 42nd minute. Hussein Mahdi orchestrated a remarkable goal, showcasing great coordination with his teammates and seizing an opportunity to find the net. With this goal, Hilltop FC reclaimed the lead at 2-1, asserting their position in the game.

Building on their momentum, Hilltop FC struck again just two minutes later, with Mohamed Ali’s goal at 44’ minutes, solidifying their lead at 3-1 just before halftime. Despite the advantage, the manager used the halftime break to grill the team, reminding them of the importance of the game and the need to maintain their focus.

As the second half commenced, Edgware & Kingsbury FC pressed forward, offering Hilltop FC opportunities to exploit their offensive tactics. Capitalising on their rival’s open defence, Jordy Mubngu netted a goal in the 63rd minute, extending Hilltop FC’s lead to 4-1. His relentless energy and commitment paid off with a well-deserved goal.

As the match unfolded, Hilltop FC continued to seize opportunities. In the 73rd minute, Hussein Mahdi’s assist enabled Mohamed Ali to secure his first hat-trick of the season, elevating Hilltop FC’s advantage to 5-1. The sight of two hat-tricks early in the season highlighted the team’s dedication and the faith the management had in the players.

Management made a tactical decision to sub off crucial players such as Mohamed Ali, and Jordy came off. These strategic substitutions allowed key players to rest in preparation for the upcoming Derby on Saturday. In the 80th minute, Mohamed Hussein, the club’s  captain, entered the field to a thunderous ovation from the fans. Deep into extra time Mohamed Hussein showcased his talent by scoring the 6th, which involved nine passes before he shot the ball on target. Hilltop FC are now at 6-1.

As the final minutes ticked away, Hilltop FC’s discipline wavered, resulting in missed opportunities that could have further escalated the score. Nonetheless, the fans applauded the team’s remarkable performance, acknowledging their dedication and entertainment. The match concluded in a resounding 6-1 victory for Hilltop FC, setting the stage for their next challenge against Broadfield United at home.

The spirit of unity, determination, and exceptional play exhibited by Hilltop FC foreshadows an exciting journey ahead. With the lessons learned from this game, the team eagerly anticipates their next encounter, determined to maintain their impressive momentum and deliver another memorable performance.